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Recommended itineraries in the Venetian area



Visiting Venice in a single day's most important attractions on a short walk Piazza San Marco, the Doge's Palace , St. Mark's Basilica , and Rialto Bridge - here are the highlight attractions for anyone visiting Venice for the first time.

In general it can be said without exaggeration that , in Venice, the time to see all the things that were pre-fixed in advance , it is always too little, since there are too many beautiful squares and attractions to discover. A short walk through the old town and a ferry ride along the Grand Canal , however, will allow you to at least be able to make a good impression of the unique beauty of Venice.

The special ambience of this city will charm you immediately and you will undoubtedly want to come back in the city of the lagoon. Visiting Venice on a short walk Despite being really difficult to decide which of the many artistic works are not to be missed during a short walk to Venice, we have tried to compile a route that contains all the most important sights of Venice highlight to allow you to get an idea the beauty of this city.

Who wants to spend even more time in Venice after this short walk, would do well to buy a ticket valid for 12 hours to allow him to use the ferries indefinitely.

Riviera del Brenta on Burchiello

Going down the river from Padua to Venice, we start from the Portello, ancient river port with its beautiful staircase Burchiello sixteenth century, painted by Tintoretto and its magnificent gates, Istrian stone, reminiscent of a Triumphal Arch, with eight columns and a tower with clock; here were owned vessels which, along navigable rivers and canals, linking Padua and its province with the lagoon of Venice.

The Burchiello - Canaletto - Porta Portello Sailing along the Piovego, and skirting the old sixteenth-century walls and bastions, nestled among the dense and lush vegetation, it passes under the old bridge of Graissi, arriving in Noventa Padovana ancient river port of Padua.

At one time, stopped here in boats and passenger and freight wagons reached Padua. It lost its role with the opening of the Channel Piovego that allowed you to get to Padua.



Visit the historical center of Verona 's most important attractions on a short walk Who goes to Verona or go from here, should not pass up the opportunity to spend some ' time in this city and take a short walk through the old town .

Even if you have planned to visit Verona and you are just passing through, do not worry!

The city can also be seen in a couple of hours. The atmosphere of this unique city , however, will make the start very difficult. Once recatovi in the city, you can not miss the Piazza Bra , the Roman Arena , the Castelvecchio as well as Juliet's house - there are thousands of reasons to take a short walk through the historic center.

Visit Verona in a few hours for those who have very little time to visit Verona , we have compiled a short walk through the historic center of this beautiful city of about 2 to 4 hours. This route will give you a first impression of the city and its merits .

To all those who want to explore the attractions inside, we recommend the purchase of Verona Card for 2 days for the price of 15 euro . Trust me - this way you will save on the inputs , even if it is a walk of a few hours !


Dolomites and Cortina d'Ampezzo

The towering peaks , the immense valleys , brooks and streams give a sense of freedom and peace , help us to understand how beautiful the nature and our Earth . Speaking of the Dolomites , one of the most fascinating places considered are , without a doubt , the Three Peaks.

Located between the Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige are a popular destination for many tourists who love the mountains because they offer in addition to their beauty, many opportunities for recreation .

First of all , are so called because they are three mountains that stand side by side over the other surrounding . For those who love the mountains may decide to hike with different types of routes and paths, from the most simple and " scenic " to the most challenging and evocative .

Of course , along with these, there are many huts , which offer a well-deserved and " delicious " refreshment to those who , from there , it is passing through. We are sure that this corner of the Dolomites will leave you speechless , his eyes unfocused , who would never have expected to be confronted with a similar show .